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Fly neighbourly

  • Normal aircraft operations are 8am (Sunday 9am) until 8pm. Departures prior to 8am (Sunday 9am) are allowed but aircraft must immediately fly away from the airfield and valley to reduce noise and should not return before normal operating hours.

  • Continuous engine test runs not permitted outside normal hours.

  • Continuous circuits or circuit training are not allowed at any time.

Arriving by air

  • Please register landing above

  • Duty ARO 0490 175 178.

  • CTAF frequency 126.0 MHZ. Inbound CTAF calls must be made at 10 miles and also at 5 miles due to terrain.

  • Arrivals via Ovens Valley should be aware of increased fire helicopter traffic during summer months at the 'tobacco research station'.

  • Inbound calls to YPOK should be made abeam Myrtleford and at 5 miles.

  • High terrain to the west and east of the airfield and within circuit.

  • Night landings not permitted. 

  • Maximum aircraft landing weight 3,600kg

  • Regular hang gliding and paragliding activities around airfield and over Bright township.


  • Runway 820 metre grass strip

  • Runway directions 18/36, with 36 sloping down to the northern end by 2 degrees.

  • Elevation of 935ft ASL.

  • Access roads at northern and southern ends of the runway.

  • Runway will be soft after rain.  Particularly at the northern end.

  • When taxiing to thresholds all aircraft should backtrack a runway to remain clear of hangars and parked aircraft.

  • Visitor aircraft parking as signed. Overnight parking to the south of hangars on west side of runway only. Day parking to the north of the hangars on the west of the runway in between gates 4 & 5. Visitor access via gate 4.  Parking of aircraft is at pilots own risk.

  • Paragliding ground handling is permitted however pilots must carry a VHF radio, monitor CTAF and follow HGFA procedures found HERE.

Noise Sensitive Areas

Please note noise sensitive areas around the airfield. Avoid low flying in these areas where possible. 


Aircraft Parking

Designated areas for visiting aircraft Day Parking and Overnight Parking.


The runway at YPOK is used by a diverse group of users including aircraft, radio control models and paraglider pilots.  To increase safety we like to make everyone aware of expected aircraft landings.  Please complete this form to register your arrival at Porepunkah Airfield (YPOK). NOTE: only aircraft details will be published.

Landing Donation

The Porepunkah Airfield is maintained by volunteers and donations assist cover the cost of maintenance.  A donation of $10 is requested from visiting aircraft. You can use the payment link below to make a donation.

Incoming Aircraft

Note: this table updates every 5-10 minutes

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